Program Curriculum and Daily Schedule

We provide an excellent, well-rounded program for children aged 2 to 5. The different developmental areas we cover include:

Section 1-Active Activity: Big and small muscle development

Yoga & Morning Stretch


Role Play

Music and Movement (Professional Music Class on Wednesdays)


Imaginative and Dramatic Play

 Section 2- Wet Activity: Artistic development

Art and Craft

Play dough, mud projects

Water and Sand Table


Section 3-Quiet Activity: Cognitive development, Language development


Pre-math Identifying and forming shapes, numbers and colors

Pre-reading, recognizing and forming letters

Section 4-Dry Activity


Circle time

Show and tell



Storytelling (Library Day on Fridays)

Section 5-Outdoor Activity

Exploring nature and neighborhood

Playground and parks

Tossing, catching, walking, jumping, balancing, running

Sand Play


Field trip


Development by Age Group

TODDLERS (under 3 years)

  • Motor Skills Development — tossing, catching, walking, jumping, Baby Yoga
  • Language Development —speech  development, reading time, recognizing and forming letters, storytelling
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, identifying and forming shapes, numbers, colors
  • Music and Movement — dancing, singing, outdoor play
  • Artistic Development — art and play dough  projects

Toddlers are busy, little learners with lots of new things to explore. The Center’s curriculum is based on the idea that children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. So we provide them with the materials and experiences to help them understand and communicate in ways most meaningful to them.

PRESCHOOLERS (3 to4 years)

  • Motor Skills Development — outdoor  group games, dancing, movement, Yoga and sport
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, identifying and forming shapes, numbers, colors
  • Language Development — recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech, finger play, writing skills
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts with various material, dramatic play, storytelling, concerts and holidays presentations
  • Social Development — large and small group activities, sharing, cooperation

Preschoolers are like sponges – they soak up knowledge. Our curriculum helps them to be ready socially, emotionally and cognitively for the next stage of their lives.


 Kindergarten Prep — letters, words spelling, numbers, early science, math concepts, logical thinking, writing

  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling, puppets theater, concerts
  • Social Development — interaction, cooperation, helping others
  • Physical Development — indoor and outdoor play, games, dancing, sport

Getting ready for kindergarten is exciting – and we want your child to stay excited about learning. The Center’s teachers increase the focus on math, science, language and social studies, but we make sure it is presented with a lot of fun. Our curriculum helps children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they’ll need to succeed in kindergarten, school and life.  Teachers plan lessons to deepen understanding of basic academic concepts through exploration, investigation and play.


Daily Schedule

8:00   Center open

Children begin arriving, free play/worksheet activities


9:00   GABE

9:40   Circle time (monthly theme basis)

– Music class on Wednesdays, Library class on Fridays

9:50   Yoga/ morning exercise & stretch

10:00 Morning snack time and story time

10:30 Art class

11:00 Outdoor Playtime

12:00 Lunch time and story time

12:30 Naptime begins & quiet reading

1:00  Quiet activities if not napping

– Gabe play

2:50 Afternoon Snack time and story time

4:00 Outdoor playtime

– Free play as children are picked up

5:30 center closed

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