About Froebel Gabe

You many have heard the term “Kindergarten” however have you ever wondered about its origin?


Friedrich Froebel, a German philosopher and educator invented the first Kindergarten, or Garden of Children, in 1837. Froebel held the belief that children learned best through guided play and tangible, hands on experience. Through self-guided endeavours and discovery, a child was to be nurtured and cultivated to achieve his or her full potential.


Each child experiences a delightful educational journey through play. Unique ideas, stories and reflections are drawn out from the child by way of specially designed balls, blocks, sticks, rings, and beads. These objects make up  “The Froebel Gabe (gifts)”. Gabe toys are thought to be the world’s first educational toys. They certainly were the first materials designed for child development, as Kindergarten was the original preschool method.  Directed Gabe play is used to support each child in his/her activity so that the learning process is creative and meaningful.


The Froebel philosophy creates a safe atmosphere for children to express their creative ideas and to be granted the time to follow through with them. Teachers are able to get to know each child individually due to the small class size. Through following the Froebel philosophy of education, they draw out the children’s ideas and creative thoughts.


Children who take pleasure in learning do well within the Froebel environment. These children then encourage one another and discover one another’s strengths. They take pride in their own accomplishments and don’t feel the need to compare themselves to others. The children gain a sense of their own learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. Through the Froebel philosophy, each child will be given the tools needed in order to make a difference in the world and live a life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Our center’s philosophy is based on Friedrich Frobel’s Educational Principles & Vision for young children. Read more about it here.


Froebel Gabe Yearly program

The Gabe (literally gifts, the items the children work with), are introduced in sequential order to teach a variety of concepts, all falling under 3 forms: Knowledge (math/science), Life (relating to the child’s world)  and Beauty (abstract patterns/designs). You can learn more about the gifts, their design and order here.

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  colour cube    “Play is the work of children” Friedrich Froebel